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free-signMy goal is to give you as much free stuff as you can handle. Keep checking back as I will continuously add resources, guides, how-tos, and more on writing, publishing, and selling your books!

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10 Mistakes Writers Make When Self Publishing a Book
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Using Your Voice: A Case Study

See an example of how I’ve helped one client use the voice he always had in this video. You’ll learn how:

  • To work through your fears and doubts in your writing.
  • The revision process chips through the cement to reveal what’s always been there.
  • To stay the course, even when you feel like giving up.
  • A few simple mantras will give you the boost you need.

A Quick Guide to Great Storytelling

  • Discover the five elements necessary to every story.
  • Get a proven, basic story structure to build your story on.
  • See what makes a really great story, with concrete examples.

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