Book Planning

I’ll Help You Plan Your Book

Book Planning – $225 for Three 30-Minute Sessions 

Is there a book in you that wants to come out into the world? I’ll help you organize and plan your idea so you can turn it into a reality. I can help you:

  • Set goals for your book (sales, readers, platform)
  • Organize ideas into chapters
  • Identify cover design resources
  • Find the right publishing options (print, eBook, Kindle)

Here’s how it works:

If you’re interested in working with me to plan your book, please contact me. We will schedule your sessions and get as much done as possible. We’ll get right to work on putting your book together so you can get it published and out into the world.

NOTE: This service is for you if you’ve completed your manuscript and done at least one round of edits. If you are still in the initial stages of writing your manuscript/project, check out my writing coach or editorial evaluation services.

Want to see if this is for you before you make a commitment? Click HERE to schedule your Free 15 Minute Write Bite with me. We can accomplished a lot in 15 minutes to take a bite out of your goals, your writing challenges, and your book.


“As an aspiring writer with little experience in writing a query letter or how the publishing process works, Dana’s knowledge and background were invaluable in helping me start the process of trying to achieve my goal of getting my book published.”

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