Writing Coach

I’ll Be Your Writing Coach

Writing Coach – $250/Month
$725 for Three Months ($25 Savings!)
$1350 for Six Months ($100 Savings!)

As your writing coach, I will help you identify your goals and help you reach them. Here is what you get when you work with me:

  • Four 30-minute sessions (per month)
  • Your writing goals prioritized with a writing schedule
  • Assignments (weekly, monthly)
  • Written evaluation of your assignment with edits
  • Personalized guidance and tips

Here’s what my experience can do for you:

  • Relate to your writing challenges and offer solutions to help you overcome them.
  • Hold you accountable and encourage you to stick to your goals so you can complete your projects.
  • Identify good writing and work with you to make sure your writing constantly improves.

Here’s how it works:

If you are interested in working with me as your writing coach, please contact me. We will discuss your objectives and what might be blocking you from attaining them. We’ll design a customized program that works for you to turn your ideas into reality with clear steps and proven methods to help you finish your manuscript/project.

Want to see if this is for you before you make a commitment? Click HERE to schedule your Free 15 Minute Write Bite with me. We can accomplished a lot in 15 minutes to take a bite out of your goals, your writing challenges, and your book.


“Dana’s advice and direction are invaluable! She is an AMAZING writing coach and I’m so excited to be working with her!”

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